Client Experiences

Jim, thank you for taking the time to work on my neck. After being in a few car accidents and sports I had a pinched nerve which would cause me to have really bad headaches and sometimes a stiff neck. Just after a few sessions of Reiki my neck felt much better. Thanks Jim.
Nicole – Englewood, NJ

I have had lower back issues for a number of years. As a skeptic, I had never put a great deal of faith in Reiki. Chiropractic care had given some temporary relief, and I have never been a fan of pain medication for many reasons. After my first visit with Jim, the pain subsided and my physical condition has continued to improve with every visit. Thanks for helping me out!
Chuck – Norwood, NJ

I cannot say that I was a complete skeptic about Reiki but I was a skeptic none-the-less. The day I hobbled into Jim’s apartment I was a little apprehensive but I was at my wit’s end and I needed some sort of relief. I had endured two and a half months of physical therapy for a strained groin and hip flexor which was, unfortunately, not 100% successful. I was unable to perform any physical task without some sort of pain and I knew that more physical therapy would not be beneficial.

I was unsure of what to expect about the actual session but Jim informed me of what was going to take place and made me feel totally comfortable. During the treatment there were moments that I felt warmth and moments that I felt a cooling sensation but the entire treatment was completely pain free. My body was calm, relaxed, soothed yet energized all at the same time. Jim focused on my problem areas which gave me instant relief. I knew I was not going to be able to run a marathon the next day but I knew I would be able to walk without pain.

Although I went to Jim to get help with my hip flexor and groin, I got an unexpected surprise. For at least 15 years I have had problems with my knees, my knee caps are not aligned properly so they are always sore. Since they are always sore I guess I had forgotten what “normal” knees felt like; completely ache free. When Jim placed his hands over my knees I had a feeling of complete relief. My knee caps did not feel like a ton of bricks; they felt like they were floating.

I am curious to find out what long term exposure to Reiki sessions can do but for now I thank you Jim for an amazing first Reiki session.
Mara – Irvington, NY

Thanks SOOOOO much for the Reiki. Today is the first day in months I have been nearly pain/kink free. Not 100% yet but it’s on its way.
Anita – Nyack, NY

Thank you so much for an incredible distance healing experience. The journey was a “landscape” that could have been painted from the heart & soul of a healer placed on Earth, given insight and special gifts to share this love and gift with others, such as myself. This is a “rare” and priceless gift that is a true treasure.

You are blessed and I feel blessed to have both experienced this as well as to have been given the ability to see and feel a gift as rare as this.

The experience was one of being wrapped in a blanket of golden sunshine warming every sore muscle and every aching fiber of my being. It was a view one could only see from above with shades of indigo, violets, purples, & gold with very distinct, angelic figures surrounding me and looking down on me. It was a space of peace, beauty, and serenity that I have not been in for more than a long time.

Thank you for helping me!
Beth – S. Nyack, NY

Let me start by saying I was always skeptical of Reiki….and still am, but a lot less. My tennis elbow, which has been bugging me for the last few months…..and which was feeling its worst Saturday when we went skiing, hasn’t hurt in the last two days …at all….and I’ve been purposely doing stuff that would normally irritate it. So, I wanted to thank you, even though you were just demonstrating and said you would try fixing the elbow later…..I’m going to credit the cure to you!
Greg – Plantsville, CT

I called Jim after spending over six months working with chiropractors, massage therapists, and was just about to see an orthopedic doctor for chronic shoulder pain.

The session had moments of intense warmth and other times a rather cooling sensation. After months of not seeing results, a week later I was amazed that my shoulder felt much, much better. I have since called Jim when I wasn’t able to see him in person to help me with lower back pain from working out too hard and have also seen results from his distance work as well. I would definitely recommend him.
Irene – New Jersey

Jim Crowley is an exceptionally gifted healer. I first met him as I was working through the debilitating pain of trauma, and I received more healing from Jim than any other Reiki practitioner, or any other energy modality, that I tried. With his help, I was able to release pain held internally for over three decades, and move on to live a life of greater joy, happiness, energy, and vitality than I ever knew possible. I am grateful to him every day for this remarkable gift he has, and his sharing it with me.
Anne – Oakland, NJ

I was suffering from Anxiety Disorder and was medicated for a few years, which helped tremendously with the disorder, but I hated being on the meds. Jim was an old friend of mine and he had asked me to give Reiki a try for some relaxation and relief. I had always refused, being the skeptic that I am. I’m not into those things that I don’t really understand. That was until I hurt my knee in a fall which required me to use a crutch. He finally persuaded me to have a Reiki treatment. I was in so much pain I figured I had nothing to lose. After the first session, I was able to walk without a limp or the aid of a crutch! Unreal!! I was a believer. I continued to go for more sessions. The relaxation that I felt was amazing, and it actually carried over to my everyday life. I thank Jim for where I am today! I would never be able to be a mother of three and in a senior management position at work… But most of all, the person I am today – Anxiety and Med Free!! Thank you so much Jim!
Tara – Tappan, NY

*Results aren’t typical. While Reiki can be used entirely on its own, it is not meant to be used as a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and/or treatment. It is recommended that you see a licensed physician or licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment you may have.