Just as in humans, Reiki can be used for all types of illnesses and injuries for our animal companions.

Veterinarians are increasingly recognizing Reiki and its benefits as it compliments conventional medicine therapies. Pets are very open to Reiki as it is gentle, painless, non-invasive, and stress-free. They seem to intuitively recognize or understand its ability to help them heal. Reiki can help soothe and comfort animals that are nervous or in pain. It can also accelerate healing after surgery, illness, or traumatic events. For animals that are very nervous or would rather not be touched, distance Reiki can be used. Although Reiki can be a wonderful healing modality on its own, it should be noted that it is used to compliment regular veterinary care, not replace it.

Reiki can help animals:
Relax and reduce stress

Relieve pain

Reduce or improve behavioral problems

Maintain a balanced flow of energy in their bodies (so they’re at their best on all levels)

Heal on a mental/emotional level (especially beneficial for previously abandoned or abused animals)

Speed up the healing process during illness or after injury or surgery

Feel peace and comfort when making their transition from this life